STYLE GUIDE: What to wear for back to school

септембар 01, 2018

Hello bubbies!
Welcome back to my Fashion Kingdom!

As you all know new school year is about to start and if you don't know what to wear for first day of school or any day at school in general, I'm here to show you ideas of what you could wear!
If you want to see my outfits inspired by back to school season, click that continue reading button and see what I've prepared for you.

My opinion is that it's very important to always waer something nice for school. Ofcourse you should feel comfortable in clothing that you're wearing, but you should also make those comfy clothes look cute. And also you schould be careful not to look too much dressed up.
When I go to school I like to wear something simple and comfy but also cute and girly, so expect to see those kind od outfits.
Also I know every school has different dressing rules, so I've tried to choose different kind of outfits so everyone can find idea of what to wear. 
Without further ado let's move on to the outfits. I have prepared 5 outfits and I hope you are going to like it. If you do make sure to subsribe to my newsletter to get notified every time I upload new blog post. 
Now, let's finally see the outfits!

1) Outfit number one; Lovely&Cute

I wanted to make this outfit look very girly and cute but use some colours that I usually don't wear that much. So I matched this lovely green shorts and black top. And to make it litlle bit cuter I decided to wear black and white polka dot headband. Doesn't it look adorable?

And ofcourse if you can not wear shorts to school you can always put on a pair of jeans or if you want to look elegant, nice pair of pants.

2) Outfit number two; Cute&Simple

Next outfit is going to be more simple, for those of you who want to stay comfy. I've paired cute little beige t-shirt with this lovely ligh pink pair of jeans. And also added cute flower printed overall.

3) Outfit number three; Modern&Elegant
If you were wondering what could you wear to look modern and elegant at the same time, this outfit is perfect for you.

For the next look I decided to wear blue and white striped shirt and tuck it in this cute pearly skirt. I think it looks very modern and also elegant. Ofcourse you can always play with the accsesories and add something to this look that is unique for your style.

4) Outfit number four; Girly&Elegant
The next look is going to be a super girly one!

What I wore for this look were those bordeaux pair of leggings and for top I wore very cute off the shoulders pink blouse. And for the accsesories I took these really cool heart shaped sunglasses. I think it looks super cute all together!

5) Final outfit, outfit number five; Comfy&Stylish

The final outfit is very lovely and girly. Okay, I think I said that for all the outfits!😂 But I really think all of them are very lovely and ofcourse they have to be girly because my style is like that.

As you can see, here I'm wearing pink t-shirt which is tucked in my lovely blue pair of high waisted jeans. And to match it all together I've putted on this cute cream coloured leather jacket with some stickers on it. To finish off this outfit I used pink and black polka dot headband.

That's all for todays post loves, I hope you liked outfits that I've picked for you and also enjoyed reading my blog. Hear you soon bubbies! Don't forget to subscribe to my newsletter to get notified whenever I upload new post on my blog!

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