Meet Medana - Women's Fashion Jewelry Brand

август 05, 2019

Hello bubbies, 
welcome back to my little Kingdom!

I am very happy to announce that I became Medana's brand ambassador!
This is a women's fashion jewelry brand and I am glad that they've chosen me to represent their name.

This company is inspired by the intricate modern design with a classic and elegant touch.
What they are trying to achieve is to make people see the beauty of simplicity.
They are offering lightweight and minimalistic yet classy twist in their jewelry.

In this post I am going to show you five of their products which are my favourites.
All the information about the materials and size of jewelry you can find in the description of each product at Medana's website .

1. Wave Leaf Earrings

First product that I'm going to show you are these metal leaf shaped earrings.
They come in two colours - silver and gold.
They look super nice on your ears and are a perfect elegant touch to your outfit.
As you can see my little puppy loves them too. 😍

2. Messenger of Good Bracelet

This lovely piece also comes in two different colours - silver and gold as well.
Because of its simplicity this bracelet is super easy to style.

3. Perennial Passion Choker Necklace

This next piece of jewels is my absolute favourite!
It's a double chain choker necklace that comes in gold colour.
It look so elegent and can be styled in many ways.
I absouletely love this one and I've been wearing it ever since I got it!

4. Leaf Hook Earrings

The following piece is another pair of leaf shaped earrings, but ofcourse different from the previous ones.
This pair of earrings is so cute and classic which is why it goes nice with basically everything.

5. Bird's Peace

To finish off, here's another lovely necklace.
Its design is so minimalistic but it has some unique details that makes it stand out and be different than the others. I think that it's absolutely gorgeous.

So bubbies, this is my top 5 Medana jewelry pieces, but don't worry there are many others at their website!
If you are looking for new piece of jewels make sure to check out their new collection which was released just recently.
And what's even better, you can use my code m.JJ for 60% off your order.

That's it for today's post, if you want to see more content from me make sure to follow my instagram account jovana.jokicc as well as meddana.official and _worldinframe_ who took all of these amazing photos.

See you soon in my next post!


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