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Hey boos!
My name is Jovana Jokić and welcome to my Fashion Kingdom!
This is fashion blog of a super girly teen girl who decided to share her passion with others. This blog is intended for all fashion lovers and the ones who are interested in clothing tips and tricks, lookbooks, etc. Here you can find a lot of fashion posts such as style hacks, outfit ideas, how to posts and many others.
My style is pretty girly so you should expect to see that kind of posts and outfits. So, if your style is similar to mine definitely check out my blog JJ's Fashion Kingdom. Or even if you have a completely different style than I do, stay and go through my blog, maybe you will find my posts interesting or some of my tips will work for you as well. It doesn't have to be about style, if you are here just to learn some fashion hacks, or to se a lookbook, or anything else, you are also welcome!
Anyways, if you are still reading, don't forget to subscribe to my newslatter to get notified when I upload new post on my blog. And also follow me on my instagram account @jovana.jokicc and feel comfortable to write me there for any questions that you have, or at my e-mail: jjsbubbies@gmail.com You can also send me a message if you want to chat with me, it doesn't have to be about fashion, because I would very like to meet you bubbies! 
If you want to find out more about me check out my Let Me Introduce Myself post which is on the sidebar of my blog!
Hope you will like my blog

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